Science’ revenge: people’s trust returns during the emergency

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Non-conventional approaches disappearance: the scientific method remains the only acknowledged response against epidemic

In the past there were Ebola, Zika, and SARS, now there is the coronavirus of Wuhan. When the world has to face some health crisis, people trusts no longer non-conventional approaches but only science. Biology, immunology, statistics are some of those knowledges that we all appreciate in a time of need. Biomedical knowledge, as well as research, should be held in high regard in normal times too.
Animal testing is a key feature in biomedical research; already during the outbreak of Ebola in 2014, its vaccine was produced by the Italian biotech company Okairos, based at IRBM, Pomezia, Rome and at CEINGE, Naples, using rodents and primates as first recipients of the vaccine. Scientific method must be clear and shared, so that people can trust it. Trust is the key. Trust between nations and institutions. Trust between researchers and people.

Article by Elena Cattaneo published on Il Messaggero01/02/2020

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