The Italian IRBM, located in Pomezia, will produce the novel coronavirus vaccine

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The Jenner Institute, Oxford University, and Advent Srl, an IRBM company, thanks to their long-lasting partnership, can now announce a new agreement to produce a novel vaccine for coronavirus.
The vaccine “seed stock” is actually being produced at the Oxford University’s Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility. This will be transferred to Advent, where 1000 doses will be manufactured for the first clinical trials.
The Jenner Institute has already worked on a vaccine against another coronavirus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which has been shown to induce strong immune responses against MERS after a single dose of the vaccine in the first clinical trial which took place in Oxford.
The vaccines are produced using a safe version of an adenovirus, a virus that can cause a common cold-like illness.
The adenovirus has been modified so that it cannot reproduce within the body. It has been added with the genetic code that provides instructions for producing the coronavirus Spike protein, usually found on the surface of coronavirus. In this way the adenovirus is able to produce this protein after vaccination. The whole process induces the formation of antibodies to the Spike protein. In vaccinated subjects, antibodies to the Spike protein can bind to the coronavirus and stop it from causing an infection.
Dr. Piero Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of Advent and IRBM said:
“We are thrilled to be working with the Jenner Institute on this critical project that has great significance for the international community due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus. Once again IRBM Group is at the forefront of R&D”

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