Pomezia, it’s war to coronavirus

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Latina Oggi

Pomezia is a strategic area of the fight against coronavirus: repatriations in Pratica di Mare and now the researchers’ study

Pomezia, it’s war to coronavirus

The Mayor’s confirmation: IRBM’s experts are working to produce the first coronavirus vaccine to conquer the disease

The Company has already tested the vaccine for Ebola, in collaboration with Oxford

“The first batch of the vaccine will be manufactured by IRBM, located in Pomezia. This is a relevant result confirming our local excellences once again”. Adriano Zuccalà, Mayor of Pomezia, emphasizes the key role the city is playing in this battle against the virus. Several Italian citizens have landed in Pratica di Mare from Wuhan, and the vaccine is going to be produced in the same city. As announced on February 7th, the experts of Advent, the GMP-certified Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization of IRBM Group, are working in partnership with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University. This is a long-lasting collaboration, since Pomezia and Oxford had already worked together to produce the vaccine for Ebola.

Article published on Latina OGGI – 11/02/2020

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