Pomezia, Rome, is working on a vaccine

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IRBM (who developed the vaccine against Ebola) is collaborating with Oxford. «We are purifying the molecule and we are going to produce the first 1000 doses within a week»

Vaccine for the novel coronavirus could arrive from the same Italian research institute that developed the vaccine against Ebola in 2014 and a drug for AIDS, named Isentress. IRBM, located in Pomezia, Rome, is now working on a coronavirus vaccine with promising results. Mr. Piero Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM, says: «The vaccine could be ready by the summer. We are going to begin with trial on mice and then we will start on human » Also Moderna from USA as well as many Israelian companies are working towards the same goal. Piero Di Lorenzo emphasizes: «In this race everyone is going to win. We will be all useful to eradicate the virus», then he says: «We are collaborating with an expert in coronavirus, the Oxford University, which already developed the vaccine for MERS […] We are manufacturing the first 1000 doses of the vaccine by a week».

Article by Flavia Fiorentino published on Corriere Roma09/03/2020

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