Coronavirus, a woman is leading the team of Pomezia working on the vaccine

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Dr. Stefania Di Marco explains the manufacturing steps of the vaccine that could stop the emergency

Pomezia – there is a woman at the head of Advent team, which is part of IRBM Group, located in Pomezia, Rome.
They are working restlessly to defeat COVID-19.
Dr. Di Marco explains that the vaccine is produced with a safe and modified adenovirus, to which the gene of the coronavirus surface protein has been added.
So they don’t work with the virus directly, but with a portion of synthetic DNA made harmless.
Several steps, such as purification, safety and efficacy assessment, are required in order to manufacture the vaccine.
After that, it can be used for both animal and clinical trials but, if the outbreak keeps spreading, some stages could be shortened by the regulatory authorities. In such a case, IRBM could even skip animal testing, as the adenovirus platform has been already used and tested widely.

Article published on Il Faro Online10/03/2020

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