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”We are ready with the vaccine”. Italian IRBM is about to shorten the time of procedures and defeat the virus.

“I am cautiously optimistic […].We are going to start testing in mice on May, and then with human testing within June. […] ”. Dagospia interviews Pietro Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM, in order to better understand why the partnership with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University is so crucial to shorten the time of procedures and how the vaccine is actually being manufactured.
Dr. Di Lorenzo emphasizes how investment in research is important in ordinary times, in order to be ready when a real emergency occurs “Just to give an example: Regione Lazio financed a research (CNR and a public/private consortium, of which IRBM is part of, were involved) on a vaccine for Zika virus, which is endemic in Brasil. The same virus appeared in Italy, near Rome, three years ago.”
IRBM, as well as an American association and an Israelian biotech company, is about to realize the vaccine for Covid-19.

Article published on Dagospia.com13/03/2020

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