Coronavirus, IRBM’s researchers against Covid-19

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Incessant working at the research facility in Pomezia to defeat the virus that is trapping not only Italy

Fondazione Leonardo, through a long interview with Dr. Pietro Di Lorenzo (President and CEO of IRBM), examines the work of Italian researchers at the Pomezia company during these days. The Company working in the field of molecular biotechnology, biomedical science and organic chemistry aims to produce a vaccine and defeat Covid-19.
“The time has come. We are ready. […] We will start testing in mice by May, and clinical trial by June. If the pandemic kept spreading, regulatory authorities could remarkably shorten the time for testing – both animal testing and clinical trial –as the law of lesser evil would prevail. Vaccines, as all other drugs, may have side effects but, if these are less dangerous than the virus spreading, regulatory authorities could decide to skip some protocols and go straight to […] the vaccine mass production.”

Article published on CityNow.it15/03/2020

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