Vaccine, race against time

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Latina Oggi

Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM: “We are in an advanced stage, in May animal testing and then clinical trials”

Vaccine, race against time

IRBM, based in Pomezia, Rome, is working in partnership with Oxford University to manufacture a cure for coronavirus

The experts of Advent, the GMP-certified Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization of IRBM Group, are working with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University to produce a coronavirus vaccine.
Pietro Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM, as well as CEO of Advent and CNCCS, clarifies the timeline: “We are going to start animal testing on May, and right after that we will begin clinical trials”
IRBM has been working on this vaccine from the very beginning of coronavirus outbreak, when Rome and the South of Italy were not affected yet.
The vaccine for coronavirus, after the one for Ebola, could be another outstanding achievement for IRBM, a global excellence in molecular biotechnology field.

Article by Francesco Marzoli published on Latina Oggi15/03/2020

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