Coronavirus emergency: what Di Lorenzo (IRBM) has said about Covid-19 vaccine

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Piero Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM of Pomezia (Rome), has spoken on Teleradiostereo, by saying so:

“Vaccine for Ebola was produced in our laboratories, and in million doses; nowadays we are working on coronavirus vaccine, in partnership with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University, expert in virus studies […]. We are well underway now. About thirty companies have claimed to be working on the vaccine, in Italy too. To my knowledge just three of them are actually close to the vaccine: an American consortium, an Italian-English one, that’s us, and an Israelian one. […] We remind that vaccine research must be carried out when there is no need for, otherwise it is already too late. […] Our Government is doing well, so please stay home, it is the only defence against an invisible enemy, waiting for the vaccine!”

Article published on Sporteconomy.it17/03/2020

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