Over 100 Italians have written to IRBM to participate as candidates in the clinical trial

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Over 100 Italians “are writing every day, asking to participate in the clinical trial of our candidate vaccine for Covid-19. Testing will start by the end of the summer, or by early fall at the latest […]. We are pleasantly impressed by the emails we receive: a 75year-old man made himself available because he has already lived his life. A 20 year-old guy emphasized that he is at full strength to deal with testing”. That is what Matteo Liguori, managing director of IRBM, Pomezia, Rome, told us. IRBM is collaborating with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University through Advent, its GMP-certified Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization. They are working to manufacture a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. Liguori points out that clinical trials will be carried out in England, but he adds that he is “very impressed by such good-hearted people […].This gives us a big extra boost, we are aware of the expectation and trust that these people place in us”. Liguori then explained about his project, to identify some features that make it so different from the others.

Article by Barbara Di Chiara published on Adnkronos.com18/03/2020

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