Anglo-Italian vaccine is born: “testing within the end of April”

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Anglo-Italian vaccine is born: “testing within the end of April”

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An Italian Company from Rome with the University of Oxford: “First doses in September”
Researchers at work at IRBM Science Park’s labs in Pomezia (Rome)

Italian Advent-IRBM of Pomezia (Rome) and the Jenner Institute of Oxford University have developed a prototype vaccine, now ready to be tested in humans. The first accelerated trials will start in England on 550 healthy volunteers, by the end of April. After that, medical staff as well as law enforcement could be the first recipients of Covid-19 vaccine.
Piero Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM, CEO of Advent, points out that “non-toxicity and efficacy have been tested enough, given the particularly successful lab results”. Time shortening is the goal. According to Di Lorenzo, “negotiation for a significant financing with international investors and some governments is in final stage. They all are interested in further speeding up the development and industrial manufacturing of the vaccine”.

Article by Valentina Arcovio published on La Stampa14/04/2020

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