The Italian vaccine in clinical trial

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Partnership between Advent-IRBM and Oxford

The Italian vaccine in clinical trial

WHO changes its mind: “Wearing masks will become the rule”

Even WHO says that wearing masks will become the rule, “even if just for reassuring people”. In the meantime, the Italian Advent-IRBM from Pomezia (Rome), with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University, announced that accelerated clinical trials will start at the end of April. Pietro Di Lorenzo, CEO of Advent and CNCCS Consortium, and President and CEO of IRBM said: “We expect that the vaccine will be usable already in September, to vaccinate medical staff and law enforcement in compassionate use”. Utilizing a virus like a Trojan horse is the vaccine strategy of the joint venture between the Jenner Institute of Oxford University and the Italian biotech Advent Srl. Such virus carries the antigens of Sars-Cov-2 into the human body, triggering immune response.”

Article by Francesca Cerati published on Il Sole 24 Ore – 14/04/2020

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