The new hopes about the vaccine “Maybe ready in September”

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The new hopes about the vaccine “Maybe ready in September”

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The vaccine against Covid-19 could be ready in September. The announcement by the researchers of Oxford University. They seem to be close to a solution.

Massive doses of the coronavirus vaccine may be available already in September. Oxford University is working restlessly to develop an inoculant for thousands of people in the world. The trial effectiveness will be evaluated by crossing data collected from testing both on macaques and on humans (ongoing). Then the Oxford’s team will disclose the research results. In Italy, the vaccine is developed by Advent-IRBM of Pomezia (Rome), which operates in the field of molecular biotechnology. Professor Sarah Gilbert, renowned British vaccinologist and leader of the researchers’ team at the Jenner Institute, said that she’s “80% optimistic”.

Article by Rosa Scognamiglio published on ilgiornale.it28/04/2020

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