Interview with Piero Di Lorenzo “Vaccine ready in September”

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il Giornale

Di Lorenzo (IRBM): “Once clinical trials are concluded, straight into production”

Interview with Pietro Di Lorenzo “Vaccine ready in September”

photo source: il Giornale

While Italy, France, Germany, Norway and the European Council have signed a global cooperation plan, the IRBM Group laboratories in Pomezia (Rome) are also working on the coronavirus vaccine. “Chinese have sequenced the virus in January – says Piero Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM,– and the Jenner Institute of Oxford University has synthesized the gene of the Spike protein just three months later, creating a viral inoculum. Thanks to our expertise, we have inserted this gene into an adenovirus. […] Such a vaccine acts like a Trojan horse and stimulates the immune system. […] If the vaccine is effective, production might start by the end of September.” Piero Di Lorenzo also speaks about large-scale manufacturing and the expected costs: during the pandemic, the vaccine will be distributed at cost price (not for profit), as requested by the Jenner Institute.

Article published on il Giornale – 04/05/2020

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