Interview with Piero Di Lorenzo. The Italian company. Enthusiasm in Rome: «But now we have to be cautious»

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Corriere della Sera

Interview with Piero Di Lorenzo The Italian company Enthusiasm in Rome: «But now we have to be cautious»

photo source: Corriere della Sera

IRBM’s researchers and laboratory technicians are enthusiastic about the results published in The Lancet. They have been working restlessly for months to develop the vaccine. Oxford developed the viral inoculum, while IRBM took advantage of its expertise in the field of adenovirus. Piero Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM, is cautious but optimistic. «We are proud to be part of this team together with AstraZeneca and the Italian Government», he admits.

Article by Margherita De Bac published on Corriere della Sera – 21/07/2020

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