«We are at the forefront in the fight against Ebola, that’s why Oxford asked Pomezia for help with the vaccine»

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Il Messaggero

Everyone calls it “the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine”, but IRBM in Pomezia (Rome)  plays a key role in the vaccine development. This excellence of Italian research, with 250 employees and researchers recruited worldwide, has already achieved relevant results with the Ebola vaccine. «We are a research centre. The Jenner Institute  has been our partner for ten years» says Piero Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM. «[…] Oxford sent us the viral inoculum, while we had the adenovirus that we had previously tested in the Ebola vaccine […] We have taken part to the anti-covid vaccine development as a research centre. We made a scientific contribution. The Oxford vaccine is not being produced in Pomezia, like I’ve heard. Instead, we have to produce the doses for scientific testing.»

Article published on Il Messaggero – 22/07/2020

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