Among the researchers of Pomezia involved in the challenge “Definitive test in Brazil”

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In the IRBM campus, the Advent’s guys cultivate cells like flowers to produce a second stock of experimental vaccine. The first one has already been shipped to Oxford for clinical trials. This second will be sent to Brazil, Kenya and South Africa. The order is to follow the virus where it creates new outbreaks: there the results of vaccine tests will be faster. The researchers have been working tirelessly since the end of January, when Oxford called Stefania Di Marco, Advent’s scientific director, to collaborate. «We are satisfied» says Matteo Liguori, Managing Director of IRBM «We have worked for Oxford so far, now we also work for our country: we have built an emotional bond with Italy thanks to the agreement ». The details of this agreement between AstraZeneca and IRBM for the vaccine production have not yet been disclosed. «We need to invest in our team, with internal and external researchers». IRBM President, Piero Di Lorenzo: «We are proud to be part of such an ambitious challenge»

Article published on la Repubblica14/06/2020

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