Italy leads the Coronavirus vaccine research

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photo source: Libero Quotidiano

Libero Quotidiano

«The vaccine developed by Oxford in collaboration with an Italian company is the most advanced», said Walter Ricciardi, Advisor to the Minister of Health and member of the WHO’s Executive Board. Advent-IRBM, based in Pomezia (Rome), is the biopharmaceutical company, specializing in vaccines, that works with the British to stop the pandemic. While «we keep testing» says Stefania Di Marco, scientific director of Advent, the multinational AstraZeneca «is involving manufacturing sites worldwide for large-scale production». Piero Di Lorenzo, President of IRBM, is confident that «producing high quality batches for clinical trials will be essential to gain the approval for use in people». «If everything goes as planned, we could have the first doses by next fall-winter», added Ricciardi.

Article published on Libero Quotidiano – 11/06/2020

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