The experts warn: “The virus also attacks the brain”

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la Repubblica

Repubblica returned to the laboratories of Pomezia, where the first doses of the vaccine candidate have been produced in May. The team has spent a day with Piero Di Lorenzo and Matteo Liguori, respectively CEO and Managing Director of IRBM, and with the 24 biologists working on AZD1222 . Repubblica’s editor, Maurizio Molinari, visited the whole campus, from the clean rooms to the “compound library”. Stefania Di Marco, Scientific Director of Advent-IRBM, is concerned about the latest findings: «The virus not only affects the lungs, but can damage other inner organs, such as the kidneys, liver and, as demonstrated, the brain». «And it is highly transmissible too», reminds Christian Montalbetti, Director of Chemistry. When do we get the vaccine? Now it is an even more pressing question, given these considerations. «A temporary hold of the trials – explains Di Lorenzo – can happen when the sample is large. It’s routine [ …]. If everything goes as planned, Italy will have 3 million doses for those at risk by the end of this year »

Article published on la Repubblica15/09/2020

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