Interview with Matteo Liguori. Research needs time

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Interview with Matteo Liguori. Research needs time

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Italian biotech companies often find it difficult to compete internationally. Yet equally often they are recognized as excellence, as in the case of IRBM, which is working on the Covid-19 vaccine R&D. We discussed this with Matteo Liguori, the Managing Director of the company. He points the way to improve the competitiveness of the Italian biotech industry: a system that supports public-private collaboration, investing in innovation, without forgetting that research needs time. Liguori hopes that innovation will be taken into high consideration by the next Financial Act and Recovery Fund. As for the vaccine candidate, he explains the success of the partnership with Oxford and the multinational AstraZeneca: the innovativeness of IRBM is one of its key elements, as well as the previous collaboration with Gsk in the development of the Ebola vaccine. Liguori then answers the questions about the upcoming and hoped-for distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, and the necessary steps.

Article published on Future Italia01/11/2020

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