Human trials will begin soon Canale 5 TG5 – 13th April

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A collaboration between an Italian company from Pomezia and an institute of Oxford University promises to give great results on the vaccine front. In facts human trials are due to begin soon, so what’s new? The new development is that it’s based on a system previously tested for the Ebola vaccine. This allows times to be significantly shortened at all stages of the trial.


The search for a vaccine against Covid-19 is moving forward apace; one of the fastest in the trial process is the Jenner Institute at Oxford University in the UK, which will begin accelerated trials on humans in England at the end of April and is already looking for 550 healthy volunteers. The vaccine is being produced in collaboration with the Pomezia-based company Advent I.R.B.M., which will initially produce 1000 doses for the first clinical trials.


The Jenner Institute has been working on Coronaviruses and researching them, with significant financial investment, for 17 years. We developed our expertise with the Ebola vaccine 7 years ago, so we are more than up to the task.


If human trials are successful, the vaccination of the British police and national health workers could begin as early as September.


The vaccine uses a platform which has already been used for the Ebola vaccine, the advantage here would be in being able to speed up the timescales.


There are dozens of public and private laboratories working on a vaccine. In emergencies, Professor Rezza points out, regulatory agencies are more generous and speed up the timescales, weighing up the risks and benefits of faster testing. You must bear in mind, however, that undertaking mass production and making it available to the entire world population, with billions of doses, will take many more months.


When an emergency arises, everyone immediately asks: when will the vaccine be ready? When will the treatment be ready? We need to remember that these studies should be funded when there is no emergency. Once the emergency is here, time has already run out.


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