IRBM: potential Italian partners for the vaccine against Covid-19

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Carlo Toniatti, Chief Scientific Officer, talks about the project that could change the life of humanity and generate a very high profit. And he reveals: there are no exclusive agreements with AstraZeneca, the doors are open to possible partners, such as the Italian Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, as many hope.

“Nothing is lost, there are still chances for potential Italian partners”, says Carlo Toniatti, Chief Scientific Officer at IRBM, the Contract Research Organization (CRO) of Pomezia (Rome) which is working on the coronavirus vaccine with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University. According to Toniatti, the agreements with AstraZeneca don’t prevent an Italian participation, and the focus is on Cassa Depositi e Prestiti at the moment. After explaining how the vaccine works and how it has been created, Toniatti moves on to speak about the CROs’ growth. Since Big Pharma companies outsource a lot of research on new drugs (losing expertise), they depend on CROs somehow.

Article published on – 06/05/2020

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