«The anti-covid vaccine in pharmacies in January» Piero Di Lorenzo, President of IRBM in Pomezia (Rome): «It will cost 2-3 euros, two billion doses will be produced in a year. Italy can rest assured»

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«If all goes as planned, large-scale production could start in late September. […] Given the pandemic, I am quite sure the regulatory agencies will reduce the approval time». IRBM, the Italian research institute for medical science and organic chemistry, has contributed to the development of vaccine. During the interview, Di Lorenzo says that the first doses could be available on the market early next year, thanks to AstraZeneca’s huge production capacity. He also talks about the role played by Italy in the vaccine distribution and the good work done by the Italian Minister Speranza.

Article published on Libero Quotidiano – 27/07/2020

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