Vaccine agreement. It will arrive this autumn Anglo-Italian vaccine, OK of the EU. First doses in autumn

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The first doses of the vaccine produced by Oxford in collaboration with Pomezia (Rome) will arrive in Italy by autumn, as announced yesterday by the Italian Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. The Anglo-Italian one is the most advanced of the 136 vaccine candidates currently being tested. And it is working: the 510 volunteers who received the vaccine in April are fine; the results of phase II/III are now expected. The University of Oxford has chosen IRBM as an expert in molecular biotechnology and adenovirus (the viral vector), for vaccine development. A successful partnership that could be beneficial for the whole country, as pointed out by Piero Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM: «I think that we will play an important role in this project, even in the next distribution».

Article published on il Giornale14/06/2020

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