The CNCCS is a public-private consortium created in November 2010 by the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the Istituto Superiore di Sanita’ (ISS) and IRBM Science Park. The CNCCS Consortium addresses an important need in biomedical research, namely the translation of basic research discoveries into the development of leads and new potential drugs.

irbmThe objective of the CNCCS is to create a central repository of organic compounds to serve as a national high throughput screening hub to enable and accelerate the discovery of new molecules and identify novel lead compounds acting on biological targets of interest.

Building a large collection of compounds in one single location offers the chance to archive, search, distribute and utilize thousands of molecules, which facilitates and accelerates the translation of new discoveries in basic research to applied research.

Having this repository available will lead to the discovery of new applications in totally different fields from the original and to screen a large number of chemical compounds. This will multiply the possibility of successfully identifying useful and/or effective molecules.

The results of this screening are published with the aim of furthering scientific knowledge and opening up new opportunities for collaboration between companies, institutions and research bodies involved.

For these reasons, research institutes, universities and single researchers can make a fundamental contribution by adding their compounds to the Library formed by this collection.

For these reasons, we warmly invite single scientists, scientific communities and researchers to send their compounds to CNCCS where they will be made available in this library, together with all the compounds donated by CNR, ISS and IRBM and all the other contributors.

If you are interested in sending your compounds, please contact the CNCCS at library@cnccs for further information, or complete the attached form.

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