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While we’re waiting for the Civil Protection Department to come on, I’d like to show you this important report produced by our very own Guido Schwarz.

There is a lot of talk at the moment about a possible vaccine and an Italian company, working in collaboration with the University of Oxford, is making a good progress.

But just so we understand where we really are, how much longer is needed, let’s take a look at this interview with Guido Schwarz Gigi Rezza.


Public and private laboratories the world over have mobilized and are trying to skip to the finish line.

Italy too is taking a leading role in this race, in fact the Pomezia-based company Advent IRBM ha announced that it will begin testing a new vaccine at the end of April.


What are human trials for?


To assess how effective the candidate vaccine is.


If the tests are positive, how long will it take to have a commercially available vaccine? Are there accelerated procedures in these cases?


At the end of April we’ll send the first batch of vaccines to Oxford so that they can begin the trial on 550 healthy volunteers.

In the meantime, the Jenner Institute in Oxford is recruiting these 550 volunteers.

I think vaccinations will begin by the end of May and so by early June they will all have been vaccinated. I think we’ll be able to get the results from this trial by the end of September, but for it to then reach pharmacies, because this is the question everyone is asking, will take many more months, and don’t forget we are talking about 8 billion people, so it will take years to vaccinate everyone.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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