TG1 News interview Pietro Di Lorenzo & Stefania Di Marco RAI1 TG1 12th February 2020

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This is how a vaccine is produced.  Tg1 cameras went to the Pomezia Research Centre where the antidote to fight Codiv-19 will be produced. Our news correspondent is Giorgia Cardinaletti.


The level of protection is very high, 1 hour to get dressed before entering, 1 hour to get undressed to exit. We are in Pomezia, at the Research Center that will produce the vaccine for Codiv 2019.

The vaccine preparation, the viral inoculum, which is currently being developed at the Oxford University, will arrive here shortly.

What is coming from Oxford?


It is coming the Adeno-virus, that is a engineered virus, a non-threatening virus, the cold, on which it is inserted the gene of the spike protein which is the protein that covers, the bad one, the Coronavirus. The spike protein inserted into the human organism, allows a reaction to make possible the production of antibodies.


From here, it will come out the Coronavirus vaccine.


Exactly. This is the vial of the vaccine that will come out from here, onceproduced. Then, a part will be frozen and another part will be sent to our laboratories to test safety, quality andpotency.


At the end of June we will have 1000 doses for animal testing. By July we will start the one on human Procedures can be speeded up according to the severity of the situation. In 2014, we produced the vaccine for Ebola virus and the authorization to switch from animal testing to human testing came in just one day.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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